What is Ackerman Consulting

Ackerman Consulting is an innovative healthcare consulting company that has a variety of services to offer. Principal and Owner Michael Ackerman is a doctorally prepared nurse practitioner with over 30 years experience in the health care industry. Mike has held just about every nursing position there is with his most recent experience being in senior nursing leadership. Ackerman Consulting is driven by the passion that Mike brings to patient care to make a difference, whether it's in the clinical arena, motivational leadership, research, coaching and mentoring or legal nurse consulting. Ackerman Consulting can and will make a difference in your organization or your personal life and career.

Who needs Ackerman Consulting

Anyone in healthcare is searching for a way to keep up with the quantum speed of change that is occurring and would benefit from the services of Ackerman Consulting   Ackerman Consulting  can bring organization to the chaos. The company has a variety of presentations on clinical topics as well as motivational leadership presentations. In addition, Mike Ackerman has been a catalyst in changing organizational culture at the unit and service level in the organizations he has worked. This work has been primarily focused on effective communication strategies, creation of healthy work environments, and development of shared governance.

Organizations will also benefit from Ackerman Consulting's highly successful approach to developing organizational structures to support Advanced Practice Providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants). Mike Ackerman has successfully built support structures to support this invaluable group of providers in several organizations including work on APP productivity, on-boarding, evaluation, competency, ongoing professional practice evaluation and focused professional practice evaluation.

Mike Ackerman also has been a successful coach and mentor to many professionals in health care and has also done legal nurse consulting.