Silence: A Never Event

Stop the Silence in Healthcare Campaign

What’s the big deal?

Research has demonstrated that when people don’t speak up in the healthcare environment, patients are at risk.  Two landmark studies, “Silence kills”, and “Silent treatment”, emphasize this point.  The Joint Commission and many other certifying organizations have implicated that poor or absent communication leads to medical errors and potential patient harm.  Additionally, more and more literature is coming out indicating that horizontal violence in the healthcare setting exists and the sequelae can be devastating.  Unfortunately many healthcare professionals are ill equipped to manage this very complicated and emotionally charged environment.  However for the sake of patients and those who care of patients, something must be done.

What is the Campaign About?

This campaign has many components.  First, through social media, I am attempting to raise awareness of the issues, provide support for those interested through literature, virtual dialogue, and awareness.  Next, through the use of a variety of tools, assist those in need to aid in eliminating Silence in the Healthcare setting.  Whether it be through guest lecturing, coaching and mentoring, or online discussion, there are a variety of solutions available.  As part of this Campaign, we offer Campaign Buttons to help raise awareness.  As a firm believer in the Vital Smarts Crucial Conversations program, I have trained many individuals over the past 10 years in my own organizations and draw on that experience.   The Silence must STOP.  Please consider being part of the Campaign by visiting our Facebook page:  “Stop the Silence in Healthcare” and join and share our page.